2D/3N RETREAT* with Larry Ward AND Peggy Rowe-Ward

9.21日(SAT)〜 23日(MON)

*1D/2N is also possible

About the Retreat

Join Dharma teachers Larry Ward and Peggy Rowe for a journey through the Four Gates of Mindfulness. Each gate is a symbol and an invitation to go into deeper levels of practice and to get in touch with the love, awareness and wisdom that are already in us.

We will learn ways to cultivate these qualities for our own healing and transformation and how through our practice, we can carry out the work of healing and transformation in the world.

We’ll practice mindfulness together, enjoying mindful eating, noble silence, deep relaxation, sitting and walking meditation. There will be talks and exercises to deepen our understanding of how to release difficult emotions and free ourselves from patterns that cause us to suffer. and how to embody awakened love in our daily lives.

* The retreat will be conducted in English with Japanese translation.

* 1Day/2Nights option is also possible


About the Teachers

Larry Ward and Peggy Rowe Ward are senior students and ordained Dharma Teachers in the tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, the founder of Plum Village Monasteries and Practice Centers around the world.

Co-authors of the book Love’s Garden: A Guide to Mindful Relationships, Larry and Peggy are currently the co-directors of the Lotus Institute, a nonprofit organization based in the Pacific Northwest, which is dedicated to cultivating the Art of Mindful Living through retreats, workshops and life coaching. They have conducted retreats around the world, including such places as Mexico, Botswana, Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.


Teachers's Message

”In many Buddhist Temple designs, there are gates you enter to get to the heart of the temple. These gates represent thresholds you must pass through to arrive at new beginnings. Each gate is a symbol and a spiritual invitation to go into deeper levels of practice, awakening to meet the Buddha within. This retreat introduces participants to the journey through each gate. It is a journey of unbinding karma, recognizing its release, and embodying the experience of liberation. During this retreat participants will learn ways of unbinding karma and generating a practice life that empowers individual and collective healing, transformation and liberation. ”

Larry Ward and Peggy Rowe-Ward (2017 Retreat)

Larry Ward and Peggy Rowe-Ward (2017 Retreat)

About the Venue

Kansai Seminar House is a conference center located in the northern part of Kyoto, in a beautiful and peaceful environment at the foot of Mt. Hiei, between Shugakuin Imperial Villa and Manshuin Temple.

In addition to modern conference facilities, Kansai seminar house features a traditional Japanese garden with a Noh stage and a Japanese teahouse.

All Western-style guest rooms are equipped with mini bar, kettle, hair dryer, toiletries, bathrobe and towels. Rooms located in the second floor (South Wing) have been recently renovated and are more comfortable than other rooms.

Modern Conference Facilities

Modern Conference Facilities

South Wing Rooms (2nd floor)

South Wing Rooms (2nd floor)

Manshuin Temple nearby

Manshuin Temple nearby

North Wing Rooms (3rd floor)

North Wing Rooms (3rd floor)


South Wing ・max 3 per room

Very Early Bird 62,000円・Early Bird 65,000円

Regular 68,000円


NORTH WING ・Max 4 per room

Very Early Bird 59,500円・Early Bird 62,500円

Regular 65,500円

※ VAT・Retreat Fees、Meals and Accommodation included

※ Scholarships available


Commuters(All meals included)

Very Early Bird 49,500円・Early Bird 52,500円

Regular 55,500円


Very Early Bird:Until August 15th

Early Bird:From August 15th until September 6th


Program Outline

Program is subject to changes.

Thank you for your understanding.



13:00 Check-in

14:00 Opening

18:00 Dinner

21:00 Private Time (Bath Time)

22:30 Light Out



06:30 Meditation and Exercise

08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Walking Meditation

10:15 Lecture

12:00 Onwards

We will practice eating meditation, sitting meditation,  total relaxation and other group activities.

22:30 Light Out



06:30 Meditation and Exercise

08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Walking Meditation

10:15 Lecture

12:00 Mindful Lunch

13:00 Onwards

We will practice total relaxation, sharing circle and other group activities.

15:00 Ending

※All meals are vegetarian.


What to wear

・Simple, non revealing, comfortable clothes

・Comfortable and non-slip shoes (for outdoor walking meditation)

・Please refrain from wearing perfume and other scented products.


Things to bring

・Yoga Mat, Bath Towel or Blanket for Total Relaxation

・Water bottle/thermos/travel mug for tea (hot water and tea bags available)

・Zafu(if needed)

・Personnel items


Kansai Seminar House

Ichijoji Takenouchi cho 23, Sakyo-ku, 606-8134 Kyoto


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